Nutrien Wonderhub is a not-for-profit organization that fosters creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning in children and their adults through hands-on exhibits, programming, and outreach.

Our museum is designed to support intergenerational play and independent discovery. We are a safe space for children of all backgrounds and abilities to explore, experiment, and interact with the natural and built world.


To combine play with education, bridging the gap between school and home and attracting tourists through hands-on exhibits, programs, and outreach that celebrate art, science, technology, and the cultural fabric of Saskatchewan.


Let dreams soar.

Our values


Curiosity is a fundamental human quality—it’s what inspires us to imagine and create. We view curiosity as the catalyst for educational, entertaining, and often unexpected discoveries.


We are a children’s museum for all children. Through a combination of in-house and outreach programs, we provide ample opportunities for playful learning.

More than a museum

We design experiences that make us so much more than a museum. We are a community resource, an attraction, a destination, and an inclusive meeting place.


Through our commitment to delivering long-term, positive impact and influence throughout Saskatchewan, we establish ourselves as a donor-preferred organization and a sustainable brand.

Our Team

  • Amanda McReynolds Doran
    Executive Director
  • Marlea Whitley
    Development Manager
  • Michelle McMillan
    Operations Manager
  • Imran Shahzad
    Finance Manager
  • Kat Moon
    Programming & Outreach Coordinator
  • Kathy Lindsay-Olfert
    Programming & Outreach Assistant
  • Brenda Mintzler
    Programming & Outreach Assistant
  • Jacqueline Conway
    Marketing & Communications Coordinator
  • Kari Dean
    Volunteer & Events Coordinator
  • Deborah Bernal
    Visitor Services Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Tammy van Lambalgen
  • Angela Larson
  • Darlene Brander
  • Greg Czarnecki
  • Carla Loney-Tindall
  • Alex Murphy
  • Janet Postle
  • Joni Rynsburger-Rathwell
  • Brett Thiessen

The journey to today

The Children’s Discovery Museum is formed by a group of passionate volunteers. In lieu of a physical space, the team toured in a minivan filled with craft supplies, educational toys, and imagination.

Our first brick and mortar location! The Children’s Discovery Museum opens its doors in Saskatoon’s Market Mall, with 1,200 square feet of exhibits designed for children ages 6 and under. This space would quickly become a local favourite, averaging 20,000 visits each year.

The museum hosts its first international traveling exhibit. Much More Munsch is an interactive experience based on the works of beloved Canadian author Robert Munsch.

The Kid Approved capital campaign begins, with a goal to raise $14.5 million in support of our vision of becoming a world-class children’s museum.

The City of Saskatoon selects the Children’s Discovery Museum as the tenant of choice for the Mendel, a historic building located along the banks of the South Saskatchewan river.

Argyle Design Inc. unveils the Museum Master Plan. This design document offers an exciting first look at what the new museum experience would entail.

Exhibit plans continue with the help of stakeholders, community partnerships, and guidance from local parents and educators.

We select Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture and Strata Development Corporation to bring Argyle’s designs to life.

Nutrien (then PotashCorp) becomes our title sponsor following a generous donation of $2.5 million to the Kid Approved capital campaign.

More than 200 kids and adults participate in prototyping sessions, exploring our new planned exhibits and giving invaluable feedback to ensure the new museum is world-class.

Construction begins at the Mendel building. Everything from electrical and mechanical systems to floor, windows, and walls will be replaced or refreshed to breathe new life into one of Saskatoon’s most beloved buildings.

We met 100% of our KidApproved fundraising goal.

Exhibit installation is underway. We’ll be opening our doors to the public on Friday, June 28!