Program Facilitator

Our mission

To combine play with education, bridging the gap between school and home and attracting tourists through hands-on exhibits, programs, and outreach that celebrate art, science, technology, and the cultural fabric of Saskatchewan.

Job purpose

The Program Facilitator’s role is to plan, deliver, and evaluate programs that occur onsite at the museum, and offsite locations. Programs are designed to include hands-on, S.T.E.A.M-focused activities, open-ended creation opportunities, storytelling, exploration of space, exhibits and materials that spark curiosity in learners of all ages. The Program Facilitator will be responsible for assisting with program designs, leading outreach initiatives, supporting the development of programs, maintaining a positive relationship with partners, representing the museum within the community, and interacting with visitors and community members. The Program Facilitator is expected to engage in a positive manner with all representatives and members of the public as an ambassador for Nutrien Wonderhub.

Duties and responsibilities


  1. Program Planning
    1. Ensure Wonderhub’s vision and mission are reflected in the programs (hands-on, inclusive, creative, stimulating, age-appropriate)
    2. Explore relevant research and initiatives related to educational principles, child development, and the role of play in children’s learning
    3. Design original content (video, live, print, resources) based on programming goals and schedule.
    4. Review program briefs and participate in designing materials for delivering programs such as educational school programs, Wonder Camps, Workshops, and off-site sessions.
    5. Share recommendations on updates to program elements to the Programming and Outreach Coordinator
    6. Review provincial curriculum with fellow teammates to gain a greater understanding of outcomes that are used for different age groups to further student learning
    7. Assist with designing programs and learning opportunities that are high-quality, educational and engaging.
    8. Provide input to the Programming and Outreach Coordinator on creating the budget for supplies and other program expenses
    9. Work with fellow teammates to maintain program supplies inventory; source needed supplies and discuss with Programming and Outreach Coordinator for approval and purchasing
    10. Take initiative to research, learn and practice new skills and equipment that can be incorporated into future programming opportunities and future personal knowledge of educational programming
    11. Use a variety of techniques, supplies and materials to design and create items for program delivery
    12. Contribute input into the preparation of program-related funding applications when requested by the Program and Outreach Coordinator and the Wonderhub Marketing and Communications Coordinator
    13. Attend regular team meetings.


  1. Program Delivery
    1. Ensure that the space designated for program delivery is set up and supplies are prepared
    2. Prioritize safety of staff and participants by remaining attentive to surroundings and ensuring proper health and safety protocols are being followed at all times
    3. Greet guests and participants of all ages and welcome them to Wonderhub and to the program that they have selected to take part in
    4. Practice proactive techniques such as clearly explaining program goals and expectations for program activities and transitions for participants
    5. Use program briefs to lead participants through programs while also maintaining an engaging, positive, relaxed and controlled environment at all times
    6. Encourage participants to join in high-quality, educational opportunities by providing attentive facilitation, engaging spaces and open-ended materials
    7. Provide assistance to outside facilitators who are leading programming at the museum
    8. Animate spaces in the museum by engaging with guests and connecting them with their environment through play and exploration
    9. Help other Wonderhub staff to understand the value of the activities, what guests are intended to learn, and how they could specifically guide children
    10. For off-site programs, transport materials to planned location and create a space for discovery and exploration that allows children to experience a program. Return materials back to Wonderhub when program is complete
    11. Clean and organize programming supplies and space after each program


  1. Program Evaluation
    1. Establish and monitor indicators of program quality and incorporate into program planning, in collaboration with the Programming and Outreach Coordinator
    2. Gather and record feedback from program attendees
    3. Debrief with Programming and Outreach Coordinator after programs and make improvements as needed
    4. Assist in the ongoing collection of quotes, stories, data, and photos from attendees who participated in programs for funder reporting and impact measurement/evaluation purposes


  1. Community Relations
    1. Seek out opportunities to network professionally and facilitate possible collaborations; discuss opportunities with the Programming and Outreach Coordinator
    2. Cultivate relationships with outside facilitators and organization representatives across levels and in various roles
    3. Assist Programming and Outreach Coordinator with correspondence to outside facilitators and organizations who are collaborating on upcoming programs.


  1. Other duties as required



The individual will have a basic knowledge of the development, delivery and evaluation of programs for children in non-traditional and informal learning settings which will have been developed through a post-secondary degree in a relevant field or relevant work experience. Wonderhub values a diverse array in education, skillsets and personal backgrounds for our team, and welcome teammembers from a wide range of sectors and knowledge.

The individual should possess the ability to work independently and in a team environment with staff, volunteers and the general public, have the ability to work in a diverse and inclusive environment; a commitment to the positive growth and development of children; the ability to think strategically and problem solve; sensitivity to accessibility and inclusion barriers for marginalized children and families; ability to interact with young children and the public with enthusiasm and patience and highly developed interpersonal skills.

The individual will be required to submit a Criminal Record & Vulnerable Sector check.

Working conditions

This position is casual (10-15 hours per week).

This position requires flexible availability that includes evening and weekend hours, as assigned.

This position will be located at the Wonderhub site in Saskatoon.

This position’s wage is hourly – $16

This position’s start date is – June 1, 2021

This position requires working with the following equipment: vehicle (Class 5 driver’s license).

Some travel within Saskatoon is required to attend meetings, community events, and learning opportunities. Occasional overnight travel may be required depending on current activities.

The operating environment is such that staff may be required to work extra hours to meet the needs of the organization. While staff need to be flexible in their work schedules, Wonderhub is committed to providing appropriate time-in-lieu and/or compensation.

We work with children to promote a sense of discovery, creativity and exploration both indoors and outside. This sometimes involves facilitating fun in hot, cold, light, dark, quiet and loud environments. This position also typically involves walking, lifting, bending, kneeling and carrying items over distance. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform their duties.


If you feel that this position may be right for you, please submit a resume, cover letter and three professional references (including phone and email) to: by 11:59pm May 20, 2021

Closes: May 20, 2021
Type: Casual
Compensation: This position’s wage is hourly - $16
Start Date: June 1, 2021

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