On Monday, February 20th 2023
Nutrien Wonderhub will host its annual friend-raising event


in-person & virtually at Nutrien Wonderhub.

Virtual Activities will be posted on Dash Island

on Wonder World at 9:00 AM, Monday, February 20

What’s a friend-raiser? It’s a fundraiser but there’s no registration fee to sign up a team to participate, so no matter how much you can contribute, you get to be a part of the fun.
We do encourage teams to either donate, or collect pledges, to help support Wonderhub and the more you raise, the more prize entries you get. But every team gets one entry for door prizes just for signing up and completing their Dashport.

Activities will be posted starting at 9:30 AM, Monday, February 20th

Click here to Register your team or make a donation / pledge


Join us for a fun filled day for the whole family!

Discovery Dash is more than just an event, it’s a way for families to come together and make memories. Teams (of up to 6) will need to complete tasks or activities at our activity stations at Nutrien Wonderhub’s or virtually on Wonderhub’s virtual content website – Wonder World. Once teams complete each activity, they will fill in the answer to the corresponding activity station on their Discovery Dashport. Think of this as Amazing Race meets Cranium! The tasks will be creative, and some will be for one member to complete, while others will require team work. Once a team completes everything, Dashports can be returned to the front desk or via email to be entered for prizes.

Should teams wish to register for the event, but opt to participate virtually they will be able to do so via our virtual content website – Wonder World. Activities will be posted on the start day and teams will have the full week to complete the tasks and return their Dashport to Wonderhub to be entered for prizes.

Once registered for the Discovery Dash, Team Captains will receive an email a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, with a link to download additional information to participate in the event. This will include a downloadable Dashport, activity schedule and additional instructions.

Registration Information:

Teams can register all together on the same form, or register separately and be added to a team. The Team Captain, when registering will create a new Team (with a Team Name) and once that is completed, additional members can join that team.

The Discovery Dash is open to everyone, however the preference is for there to be at least one adult and one child under the age of 12 on a Team. Teams can be up to 6 people. In person teams require at least one adult to supervise.

*If you are registering a child and they do not have their own email address, please email [email protected] and we can assist you adding them to your team!

**Note about donations – when registering there is no fee to register, and if you do not wish to leave a donation at the time of registration, scroll to the bottom of the form when it asks for a donation, and it will say no donation and you will just click the green button to continue with your registration. If you have difficulty, please contact Nutrien Wonderhub.


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