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Short Description

Nutrien Wonderhub is Saskatchewan’s first and only children’s museum.

Long Description

Nutrien Wonderhub is Saskatchewan’s first and only children’s museum. Located in Saskatoon’s iconic Mendel building, the museum combines play with education to bridge the gap between school and home, nurturing creativity, discovery, and playful learning in children and grown-ups alike. Nutrien Wonderhub celebrates art, science, technology, and the cultural fabric of Saskatchewan through hands-on exhibits, programs, and community outreach.

Our Logo

A few words from our Executive Director, Amanda McReynolds-Doran:

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“I think I can speak for the whole Nutrien Wonderhub team when I say that we are so excited about our new brand and how well it encapsulates exactly what we aim to create. Our exhibits and programs bring together play and learning in exciting and innovative ways to help instill in children a love of learning and a confidence in themselves. Our organization helps families reconnect and helps everyone who comes through our doors experience that sense of wonder that makes childhood so magical. What better way to capture all that we do that with the name Wonderhub and the Wondernauts?”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a children’s museum?

Unlike most traditional museums, children’s museums feature exhibits and programming that encourage hands-on engagement through dynamic, interactive design. Nutrien Wonderhub’s new facility will promote playful learning for children and their grown-ups in an inclusive and accessible environment.

Why did the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum decide to rebrand?

This decision to rebrand was made with the full support of our Board of Directors and other key stakeholders. With our upcoming move to the Mendel building, we felt the time was right to participate in a rebrand exercise that would position us as a sustainable, forward-thinking brand.

What changed?

As part of the rebrand exercise, Nutrien Wonderhub now has a new name, logo, tagline, and visual identity. These elements sit alongside a refreshed mission, vision, and core values (which you’ll find here), and honour our organization’s history and the legacy of the Mendel building. For example, our new tagline (“What will you discover today?”) pays tribute to our original name, and the design of our logo and the Wonderhub Wondernauts were inspired by the Mendel’s distinct roofline.

Although our visual identity has changed, our commitment to community, curiosity, and creativity remains the same. In our new home and under our new brand, we will continue to provide welcoming, interactive environments for children and their grown-ups to play, learn, and create.

Why ‘Wonderhub’?

Our team of volunteers and employees were looking for a name that clearly communicated who we are. Of all the ideas we explored, “Wonderhub” best captured the experience our organization provides. The new museum is, quite literally, a hub for wonder, with endless opportunities for discovery and playful learning. Whether we are in the building or out in the community, Wonderhub brings people together to reconnect to that sense of wonder that makes childhood so magical.

When will Nutrien Wonderhub be open to the public?

We are thrilled to announce we’ll be opening our doors on Friday, June 28th. We’ll be sharing more details about opening weekend activities very soon.

How can I engage with Nutrien Wonderhub between now and the grand Opening?

Part of our commitment to inclusivity is offering outreach programming, which we
do year round. Pop-up museums, our Storyscapes series, and School Discovery Visits are just a few of the ways we connect with people outside the museum’s walls. Visit the Community page of our website for a complete event calendar.

How can I support Nutrien Wonderhub?

We are currently accepting volunteers for our outreach programming and special events. We also welcome support in the form of donations. Nutrien Wonderhub is a registered charity (charitable #854836137RR0001) and issues charitable tax receipts.