July 11, 2021: With the changes to the provincial mask guidelines Wonderhub strongly encourages the use of masks for all individuals over the age of two in our museum.

Since children under 12 cannot currently get vaccinated, masks are an important tool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Children over the age of 2 need to wear masks to help reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19, and adults who are with children in public places can further protect and support their children by modelling good mask usage.

Until the children we serve are able to be vaccinated and enough time has passed for them to be fully vaccinated, Wonderhub’s team members will wear masks in the museum space and any time we are working with children.

These policies were informed by guidelines from the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the Infectious Diseases Division of the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine.


November 3, 2020:  Based on the public health order issued by the Government of Saskatchewan for all indoor public spaces, starting November 6th, masks will be mandatory in Nutrien Wonderhub for everyone over the age of 2.

All masks must completely cover the nose and mouth at all times. Anyone who is incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance is exempt from this order.  This  public health order will be in place for 28 days, then subject to review by the chief medical health officer.

Wonderhub is continuing to implement our plan for reopening to the public in a safe and responsible way.

What to expect when you arrive:

  • Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 may not enter the building.

  • We are open Tuesday to Sunday 9am-6pm on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Members and general admission welcome.

  • Our facility is shoeless so all shoes will need to be removed prior to entering the museum to help keep our facility clean.For those requiring shoes for mobility issues, shoe covers will be available. Barefoot or sock use is acceptable.

  • No outside food or drink is permitted in the galleries at any time, with the exception of water bottle in a bottle or formula in baby bottles.

  • Water fountains are open for drinking and bottle filling.

  • All visitors must complete a new waiver and attestation of health before experiencing the museum (regardless of
    previous waivers signed). Contact information is collected at this time for contact tracing.

  • All family units are strongly encouraged to travel together through the museum. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Handwashing is required when entering and encouraged throughout your visit.

  • We ask that everyone that is able to wear a mask to please do so.

  • Wonderhub continues to perform increased sanitizing and cleaning throughout the museum everyday, including fogging exhibits and spaces with disinfectant.
  • A stroller cleaning station is available in our vestibule prior to entering to help keep our facility clean.
  • All fire code and structural capacities related to spaces and fixtures in the museum remain in place.

Here’s a little information about some small changes you can make at home to keep your family healthy!