For the community, in the community.

The Nutrien Wonderhub community extends far beyond the walls of our home at the Mendel. Through outreach programming, affiliations with community-focused events and initiatives, and our own signature events, we continue our commitment to creating interactive, inclusive opportunities to play, learn, and grow.

Donation Requests

Nutrien Wonderhub awards individual passes and prizes to non-profits, organizations, and fundraiser events around the province. We ask all those requesting donations to submit a letter detailing their organization and event, along with the number of passes or prizes needed. Submissions will be reviewed quarterly on July 28, October 28, January 28, April 28 and decisions will be made and communicated within two weeks of review dates.

Email to apply.

Nutrien Wonderhub Wonder Warrior Program

Nutrien Wonderhub Wonder Warrior Program aims to recognize Wonder Warriors in our community. A Wonder Warrior can be anyone (including individuals or families), who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, shown kindness or have been a great support to their community, friends, family etc. Wonder Warriors could be a teacher, frontline worker, healthcare worker, neighbour who shoveled snow or cut lawns, friend who brought groceries when COVID-19 prevented you from going out, and so much more! At Nutrien Wonderhub we would like to recognize the Wonder Warriors who selflessly support our community and give back to thank them for all that they do.

Dependent on the number of nominees received each intake, Wonder Warriors may receive admission/6M/annual passes or event tickets to Nutrien Wonderhub.

Do you know of a family or an individual who has been a Wonder Warrior? If so, you can nominate them to be a Wonder Warrior!

Nominations will be reviewed quarterly on July 28, October 28, January 28, April 28 and decisions will be made within two weeks.

Please ensure to fill out all parts of the nomination form. We look forward to hearing about all the Wonder Warriors out there!

Wonder Warriors

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Our community

We are very proud to be part of a great community of tourist destinations in Saskatoon, including:

Wanuskewin Heritage Park  |  Remai Modern  |  Western Development Museum

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo  |  Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan  |  The Prairie Lily  |  Meewasin Valley

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