Become a sponsor and support the next generation of lifelong learners

There are plenty of ways to show your support for Saskatchewan’s children’s museum:

Free Days 

Nutrien Wonderhub wants to reduce obstacles preventing access to our facility for all families. With sponsorship support, Nutrien Wonderhub will have designated Free Days to allow the entire community to benefit from the enriched environment that Nutrien Wonderhub provides. We hope to light a creative spark, nurture curiosity, and help every child develop a love of learning that will help them thrive and succeed.

Access Program ($500/visit)

The Access Program is designed to make Nutrien Wonderhub accessible to all children in Saskatoon, regardless of socioeconomic background or geographic location. Through sponsorship support, classrooms from Saskatoon’s community schools, preschools, and community groups are invited to book educational Discovery Program visits, complete with transportation arrangements at no cost to the school.


Visitor Experience

At Nutrien Wonderhub, we want to ensure that every visitor through our doors receives exceptional customer service. By sponsoring the Visitor Experience, community partners are helping to support our organization’s visitor services representatives, volunteers, and program facilitators to operate at the highest level.

Volunteer Appreciation

Nutrien Wonderhub has the most Wonder-full, Wonder-filled volunteers! By sponsoring this area, your company is able to show their appreciation along with us to these amazing individuals who give of themselves every time they walk through our doors.

Community Partnerships

We also welcome partnerships from local businesses and community organizations, especially to create new and engaging programming offerings.

Childhood is a deck of cards, a bank account, a palette of colours, a symphony of noise. The more cards in the deck, the greater the bank account, the more dazzling the palette, the noisier the symphony—the richer our children will be. Such children are the best guarantor of a bright future for our province. Nutrien Wonderhub will be a box of treasures. That is why we wholeheartedly support this project.

Contact us

For more information about these or other custom sponsorship opportunities, please email [email protected].