School Discovery Visit are fully booked for the 2022-2023 school year. Check out our Exploration Visits!

Thank you to all of the amazing educators and students who took part in our School Discovery Visits this year!

We will be accepting School Discovery Visit requests starting August 1, 2023 for the 2023-2024 school year!


Give your students
the gift of discovery.

School Discovery Visits provide a fun and unique way for students and teachers to learn through play, covering a number of Saskatchewan curricular outcomes through a combination of integrated STEAM learning and cultural and social components.

We will be accepting School Discovery Visit requests starting August 1, 2023 for the 2023-2024 school year!

If you would like your class to experience an engaging & educational VIRTUAL experience that is inspired by Wonderhub’s exhibits, check out our VIRTUAL SCHOOL DISCOVERY VISITS!

Virtual Discovery Visits are fully booked for the 2022-2023 school year!

Discovery North

Pre-K-Grade 2 Get to know about some amazing animals of Northern Saskatchewan through our interactive Discovery North program! Students will discover the interesting ways some forest animals have adapted over time to live in Saskatchewan and then create their own Saskatchewan creature!

Grade 3-5 Discover some interesting facts about some of Saskatchewan’s amazing forest animals and plants! Students will explore the ways they are interdependent and then create a mini habitat.

Curriculum Connections:  AN2.1 (j)  PL3.2 (g), HC4.1

Earth: Above & Below

Pre-K-Grade 2  Come and discover what plants need to grow and thrive. What happens to a seed after it is planted? What are the parts of a plant? Create your own ‘wonderized’ flower!

Grade 3-Grade 5  Come learn about the world of potash mining and all the different minerals and layers of earth Saskatchewan has! Rock on!

Curriculum Connections: LTK.1, RM4.1 

Construction Contraptions

Pre-K-Grade 2 What is the difference between 2D and 3D shapes? What shapes are better for construction? What happens if a foundation is weak? These construction ideas are explored and then it’s up to you to make your own cool structure!

Grade 3-5 Did you know that there is such thing as a modern day catapult?  Learn about simple machines and witness the chain reaction that occurs in a Rube Goldberg machine. Once you’re inspired, try to construct your very catapult & simple contraption.

Curriculum Connections: SS1.3, FM5.2 

This is Me!

Pre-K – Grade 2 Our differences make us beautiful. Students will create art piece to showcase the special ways they are all different and unique.

Grade 3 – 5 Our differences make us beautiful. Students will explore the unique cultures in their class and then create their own art piece showcasing what makes them amazingly wonderful!

Curriculum Connection(s): IN1.2, IN3.1

A Promise is a Promise

Pre-K – Grade 2 There are many ways to make a promise. Examine different kinds of promises and the importance of keeping a promise that has been made.

Grade 3-5  Broken promises can have a big impact. How do we acknowledge a broken promise? A mosaic heart with broken pieces sparks the discussion of how we can work towards mending relationships impacted by broken promises.

Exploration Visit

This experience does not have a facilitated portion. Instead classes are free to explore all that the museum has to offer for the full two hours. Upon arrival, a facilitator will welcome you to the museum and go through the guidelines before your exploration.

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How do I book a School Discovery Visit at Wonderhub?

 Complete and submit the Visit Request form below. A staff member will be in touch through the email on the form regarding your request. Please note that the beginning of the school year and the spring often has a high number of requests, and this may slightly delay response times. 

Are Waiver Forms Required for the School Discovery Visit? 

Yes, all guests, children & adults, are required to have a signed Waiver Form in order to take part in the facilitated activities & explore the museum.

We require that each student has their parent/guardian complete & sign the Waiver Form and submit them back to their teacher/educator prior to their visit. The teacher/educator would then submit all collected Waivers to the greeting staff member on the day of the visit.  

You can find the Waiver Form attached to your confirmation email, and also on the School Discovery Visit page on our website. 

Who books transportation to the museum?

Teachers/educators are required to book their own transportation for their School Discovery Visit at Wonderhub. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to get settled. 

What should my students bring to the museum for their Discovery Visit? 

We ask that your students bring only what is needed for their visit. Due to limited storage space, we ask that students leave their backpacks at school unless they are absolutely needed. We encourage all chaperones and students to wear name tags & socks for their visit.

Am I able to visit with another class?

Yes. Each School Discovery Visit, is 2 hours, which includes 45 minutes of facilitated activities and 70 minutes of museum exploration for your class (up to 32 students). You are welcome to request that your Discovery Visit includes an additional class of up to 32 students to attend during your 2-hour session. We stagger the facilitation times with one classroom having their facilitated portion at the beginning of the two hours, and the other class will have their facilitation time at the end. 

Please just state that you are attending with another class in your booking request form. The teacher/educator of the other class will also be required to complete their own booking request form. 

How to do I pay for the School Discovery Visit?

When you arrive for your School Discovery Visit, you will be asked to give the actual numbers of students, required chaperones, and additional chaperones.

There are 2 methods of payment:

  1. Pay on the Day – You will be able to pay for the actual number of students and additional chaperones at the Admissions Desk in Wonderhub using credit/debit or cash. 
  2. Invoice after Visit Date – We will send an invoice at the end of each month to those who have unpaid School Discovery Visits. You are welcome to wait for this invoice, or you can phone in any time AFTER your visit date. 

How many Chaperones are required for a School Discovery Visit?

Each School Discovery Visit can have up to 32 students attend. We require a 6:1 supervision ratio (6 students per 1 chaperone). 


7-12 Students

2 Chaperones

13-18 Students

3 Chaperones

19-24 Students

4 Chaperones

25-30 Students

5 Chaperones

30-32 Students

6 Chaperones

*Any additional chaperones beyond the required supervision ratio are welcome, but will be required to pay admission.

In the past, my class had received an ACCESS Visit. Are these available for the 2022-2023 School Year?

Thanks to the generosity of our funders, we are able to offer a limited number of Access Visit spots. Wonderhub will be in contact with Community Schools in Saskatoon at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year to further share information regarding Access Visit spots.

Well organized, fantastic materials. Hands on, play based exploration of math, science, and art. The staff worked very well with our groups and were very accommodating to students with extra needs. It was great!

So much fun for the children to explore, move, learn and create based on their own interests.

The Fine Print

  • Programs will commence on Tuesday, September 9, 2022 and must be booked using the online registration form.
  • Programs run for 120 minutes and include 45 minutes of facilitated program time and 70 minutes of museum exploration time.
  • Program time slots are available Tuesday to Friday from 9:45 am – 11:45 am or 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm.
  • Cost for a Discovery Visit is $5 per student, with Required Chaperones being FREE (Required Chaperones = the number of adults required to provide a 1 adult:6 student supervision ratio)
  • Additional adults and chaperones will be charged $5 each
  • Program capacity is minimum 6 students, maximum 32 students. There is a chaperone requirement of 1 adult for every 6 students.
  • Discovery Visits must be booked 2 weeks in advance of visit date.
  • Fees can either be paid on arrival or teachers can choose to be invoiced separately.
  • Advance payment for visits is non-refundable.
  • Invoices will be emailed and include all details about the visit and fees.
  • Two partnering classes are welcome to book for the same 2-hour Discovery Visit time slot to for those educators who wish to share bussing costs to the museum.
  • If two classes are sharing a 2-hour Discovery Visit time slot, then two 45-minute Facilitated Programs will be offered with one class attending a Facilitated program at the beginning and the second class attending one at the end.
  • If two classes are planning on attending together, each class is required to fill out a Discovery Visit request form.
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the booking will be billed for 50% of the requested tickets. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the booking will be billed for 100% of the requested tickets.

Contact us

To discuss our school programs, please contact Kat Moon (Education & Outreach Manager) at (306) 249‑3574 or