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In light of our temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are working to provide our members and the general public with digital content to make our current socially distanced lives brighter!

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Welcome Video

Felix Meets Freddy By Brenda Mintzler

On todays edition of Nutrien Wonderhub’s Virtual programming we are reading Felix Meets Freddy by Brenda Mintzler.

Thanks to Brenda for letting us use your book! To get a copy of this book you can buy it at Wonderhub Giftshop, or on Amazon.

For today’s Virtual Programming we are doing a craft based on the story Sky color. To do todays craft you will need:
– Water
– Square Paintbrush
– Napkins
– Tempera Paint
– Canvas/White Paper
– Fork
– Small Containers for Paint
– Q-Tips

Have fun!

Today we are going for a bit of a walk to chat about our surroundings, find a rock, then we go inside and paint the it!

To take part in the craft you will need :
– A rock
– Paint Brush (maybe a few different sizes)
– Paint
– Water
– Paper towel

Have a great time and share pictures of your rocks in the comments!

Today Felix and Freddy are back in Felix and Freddy: Back Again By Brenda Mintzler

Today is Kelly’s first attempt at a personal challenge and challenges you to test yourself as well! Let’s see how she does.

Today we are SO EXCITED to have author Mary Harelkin Bishop talking about and reading her book, Gina’s Wheels!

Besides writing Gina’s Wheels, Mary Harelkin Bishop is the author of the Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventures series, Seeds of Hope, Moving Forward: The Story of Paralympian Collette Bourgonje, Mistasiniy, and Skye Bird and the Eagle Feather!

What books are you reading? Post them on our facebook page.

Special thanks to Mary, Embee Inc. and Driverworks Ink.

Today on Zoom Zoom with Wonderhub, the floor is lava and Kelly has to make it around the north gallery. Share what you are doing to keep moving on facebook.

Today for Storytime we will be reading He Who Flies by Night – The Story of Grey Owl by Lori Punshon

Share a photos of books you’ve been reading in the comments!

Presented by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing and Nutrien Wonderhub

For STEAM DAYS with Wonderhub we are are blowing up a balloon, WITH SCIENCE!

To do the experiment at home with us you will need:
– Balloons
– Water bottles (washed with soap and water)
– Food colours
– Baking soda
– White vinegar
– Marker to draw picture on the balloon
– Tray
– Paper towels

Today we are featuring Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend by Judith Silverthorne for Storytime.

Presented by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing and Nutrien Wonderhub

Today Kelly is taking another swing at the Cosmic Commotion challenge. What challege are you going to try today, Can you stand on 1 foot for this whole video? How many jumping-jacks can you do while Kelly is doing her climb?

For Storytime Tonight we are reading Press Here by Herve Tullet

What are you reading? Share it in the comments!

Presented by Raincoast Books’ and Nutrien Wonderhub

Today we are showing you how to make a Oil and Water Heart to put out for people going on heart hunts in the community. To take part in the craft this week you will need:

– Paper

– White crayons/oil pastels

– spray bottles

– food colour/paint

– water

Show us how your oil and water craft goes!

We are talking about the book Giant – A Panda of the Enchanted Forest by Xuan Loc Xuan, then making a panda mask!

To make your panda mask you will need:
– White paper
– Black paper
– string
– scissors
– pipe cleaners
– marker
– pencil

Show us how your mask comes out in the comments!

Today Kelly is trying a new route in the Cosmic Commotion Challenge! What are you going to challenge yourself with this time?

Share your results in the comments!

Today we are making a Beehive craft based on the Story Bee Yourself! To make your beehive artwork you will need:

• Tempera Paint

• Paint Brush (1 Big, 1 Small)

• Napkins

• Bubble Wrap

• White Paper

For Storytime today we are reading I Wonder by Annaka Harris. Presented by Raincoast Books and Nutrien Wonderhub

Storyscapes was live today with Malika Sellami! Check out the song we wrote together.

Click here for photos of the boards for the event

Today for Zoom Zoom, Kelly is leading an awesome Yoga class with animal poses.

Today Bowen is reading Mix it up by Herve Tullet. Herve’s books are very engaging and use the book format in a fun meta sort of way! Presented by Raincoast Books and Nutrien Wonderhub https://www.facebook.com/raincoastbooks/

For todays STEAM DAY experiment you will need
– Feathers
– Oil
– Water
– Food Colouring
– Paper plates
– Cupcake containers
– Sponges
– Cotton balls
– Toy boats

Today we have a special treat! Brenda Mintzler came by and read her book Felix & Freddy: Oh Deer!

For our first Sing Along with Wonderhub we are singing Wheels On the Bus.

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