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International Day of the Girl – Jacqueline Conway

Nutrien Wonderhub is celebrating the International Day of the Girl that occurs on October 11 each year. This year we are focusing on the theme “My Voice, Our Equal Future” and we are featuring one female voice each day for three days starting on October 9, 2020. Each female voice will share their inspirational words to encourage girls to explore a variety education and career paths.
Jacqueline Conway is an award-winning marketer and Founder of TrendBlazer Studio. She cares about helping her clients create personal brands that shine so bright their audiences can’t help but pay attention. Along with her love of marketing she is a star in the world of fashion. Jacqueline is excited to share her inspirational story and words of encouragement for young girls who are interested in learning more about the world of marketing and fashion.
Feel free to download this printable “The World is Your Runway” document and fill it in with your goals and dreams!
A huge thank you to the Saskatoon chapter of B’nai Brith for their support.

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