Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book a School Discovery Visit at Wonderhub?

 Complete and submit the Visit Request form below. A staff member will be in touch through the email on the form regarding your request. Please note that the beginning of the school year and the spring often has a high number of requests, and this may slightly delay response times. 

Are Waiver Forms Required for the School Discovery Visit?

Yes, all guests, children & adults, are required to have a signed Waiver Form in order to take part in the facilitated activities & explore the museum.

We require that each student has their parent/guardian complete & sign the Waiver Form and submit them back to their teacher/educator prior to their visit. The teacher/educator would then submit all collected Waivers to the greeting staff member on the day of the visit.

You can find the Waiver Form attached to your confirmation email, and also on the School Discovery Visit page on our website.

Who books transportation to the museum?

Teachers/educators are required to book their own transportation for their School Discovery Visit at Wonderhub. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to get settled.

What should my students bring to the museum for their Discovery Visit? 

We ask that your students bring only what is needed for their visit. Due to limited storage space, we ask that students leave their backpacks at school unless they are absolutely needed. We encourage all chaperones and students to wear name tags & socks for their visit.

Am I able to visit with another class?

Yes. Each School Discovery Visit, is 2 hours, which includes 45 minutes of facilitated activities and 70 minutes of museum exploration for your class (up to 32 students). You are welcome to request that your Discovery Visit includes an additional class of up to 32 students to attend during your 2-hour session. We stagger the facilitation times with one classroom having their facilitated portion at the beginning of the two hours, and the other class will have their facilitation time at the end.

Please just state that you are attending with another class in your booking request form. The teacher/educator of the other class will also be required to complete their own booking request form.

How to do I pay for the School Discovery Visit?

When you arrive for your School Discovery Visit, you will be asked to give the actual numbers of students, required chaperones, and additional chaperones.

There are 2 methods of payment:

  1. Pay on the Day – You will be able to pay for the actual number of students and additional chaperones at the Admissions Desk in Wonderhub using credit/debit or cash.
  2. Pay Prior to Visit Day – You are able to make payments over the phone by calling 306-249-3574 during operating hours. Please note that any payments made prior to the day are non-refundable.

What happens if the number of students that attend the Group Visit are different from the number of students stated in the visit request form?

A staff member will connect with you upon arrival for your group visit to confirm the actual number of students. Your actual number of students present  for their visit will be used for processing the payment.

In the past, my class had received an ACCESS Spot for a free Discovery Visit. Are these available for the 2023-2024 school year?

At this time, we are not offering an Access Spots for the 2023-2024 school year. Through the generosity of our funders, we are able to offer a Access Spots to Saskatoon Community Schools classes.

When Access Spots become available, how do I find out about them?

When spots for our Access Program become available, Wonderhub connects with community schools directly to inform them about the number of spots allotted to their schools. The school will be provided with key information around the Access Program, and it will be up to the schools’ administration to disperse the approved amount of Access Spots to teachers in their school.

How many Chaperones are required for a School Discovery Visit?

Each School Discovery Visit can have up to 32 students attend. We require a 6:1 supervision ratio (6 students per 1 chaperone).


7-12 Students

2 Chaperones

13-18 Students

3 Chaperones

19-24 Students

4 Chaperones

25-30 Students

5 Chaperones

30-32 Students

6 Chaperones