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Invest In Memories is our annual campaign which helps support operations and programming like our Wonder 4 All program to keep Wonderhub’s educational resources available to those who need it most. From now until December 31st, all donations to the Invest in Memories campaign will be matched to increase the impact of every dollar raised.

As a community we never lose by giving back. In fact, all that we give makes its way back to us and makes our community a wonderful place to live. As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we are here to serve the community as the hub and centre for child-centric discovery and playful learning and with YOUR help we can do so much more!


Together we can Invest in Memories and bring children and families together to create, learn, play and explore without boundaries. With your support, Wonderhub is expanding possibilities for the next generation of artists, scientists, builders and dreamers.

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We are Saskatchewan’s children’s museum.

Wonderhub brings children and families together to create, learn, play, and explore without boundaries.

About Us

We all need that assurance that we can come as we are into the greater community and be celebrated. As parents we want to give our children this vital gift, the gift of being a part of the world around them.

Wonder 4 All Participant

All of us at Wonderhub feel so honored to get to be a part of this place where children and their adults can learn, play, and grow together. Discovery Dash is a fun way to bring families together to experience Wonderhub in a new way, all while helping secure Wonderhub’s future. Thank you to all of our participants, our sponsors, and our host Shauna Foster, for making Discovery Dash a blast again this year!

Amanda McReynolds Doran

Former Wonderhub CEO

The level of excitement has been turned up to maximum at our house for Discovery Dash!  Everyone is searching for things to keep busy, so this is the perfect way to spend Family Day. I hope you’ll join with your family and friends, challenge each other and share some laughs.  Ready, set… let’s dash!!

Shauna Foster

C95 - Discovery Dash Host

Childhood is a wonderful time for learning and children learn more, and at a faster pace than any other time in their life. We are proud to support Nutrien Wonderhub’s mission of being a place for children and families to be curious and creative while learning together. Opportunities like the Discovery Dash help families explore new experiences and we are excited to participate in this great friend-raiser event with our family.

Carla Loney-Tindall & Joe Tindall

Board Member & Matching Donors to Discovery Dash

We both grew up on the farm and our fondest memories are centered around great family times spent together both in work and play with amazing opportunities for learning, taking risks, being innovative, creative and curious. Childhood is a wonderful time for learning and  children learn more, and at a faster pace than any other time in their life.  Nutrien Wonderhub presents remarkable memory making opportunities for our children and we are so honored to be a part of the Invest in Memories campaign because together we can make a difference!

Joe Tindall and Carla Loney-Tindall

Additional Matching Donor at $5,000

Nutrien Wonderhub has been monumental in my life. Most important is that it’s an outing that lights my children up, every time. They don’t realize that the play is educational, that it sharpens motor skills, enhances their creativity, or that they’re learning about, say, mining… but I’ll tell you, their playful and experiential learning is a shot in the heart to watch.  Nutrien Wonderhub is the kind of attraction that deserves both public and private support so that it’s accessible to all children, and so it will be here to serve generations to come.  

Maygen Kardash

Wonderhub Member

It is vital for children to be in spaces where children can be themselves. The human spirit needs not just to be accepted by family but by the whole community.It is vital for children to be in spaces where children can be themselves. The human spirit needs not just to be accepted by family but by the whole community.

Wonder 4 All Participant

I love that Wonderhub feeds the imagination of young minds. As a teacher, it is inspiring to see the hands on activities and learning that sparks their creativity.

Joy Chiasson

Wonderhub Donor

The Wonderhub and other community based programs for children is the community’s way of saying “it is good that you exist.

Wonder 4 All Participant

I can’t wait to take my grandchildren to Wonderhub…to share in the experience of exploration, curiosity and play… all while learning and having fun!! Doesn’t get much better than that:)

Gail Hendry

Wonder Warrior Recipient

We support Nutrien Wonderhub for its commitment to providing engaging opportunities for children to learn though imaginative play. Our young grandkids have been beneficiaries already and are likely to be for years to come.

Cathie & Don Drinkwater

Wonderhub Members & Donors

We believe that children are the future. That is why we focus our support on children’s charities and continue to support the work at Wonderhub.

Neil & Cindy Cameron

Wonderhub Donors

Ron and I both recognize the need to support education. Being an educator and school principal for many years has certainly made me aware of how important activities are that provide fun and education for students. The Nutrien Wonderhub provides young children with a unique opportunity to play and learn!

Honya & Ron Olson

Boychuk Construction / Lead Matching donor

Wonderhub’s Free Day was the place to reignite my girls’ imaginations and give them the space to be just kids again after the rough few years we just left behind.

Free Day attendee

Our exhibits encourage kids to discover the world around them through creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and imagination.

Everyone is welcome at Nutrien Wonderhub.

We are proud to be an inclusive, interactive place for children and their grown-ups to come together to explore, create, and discover.

Inclusivity at Wonderhub

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