Heading to Nutrien Wonderhub? We can’t wait to see you!

Find details on our safety procedures

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit:

Let kids take the lead!

Children’s museums are meant to be child-centred, child-led experiences. There are no timelines or wrong ways to experience Wonderhub. Best of all, when you let kids lead, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a totally new experience each time you visit.

Bring your water bottle.

Play is thirsty work! Drinks are available for purchase from our friends at Second Chances Café, but we encourage you to pack a water bottle so your little learners stay happy and hydrated.

Pack socks.

We are a shoe free facility, and recommend that you bring socks for your visit.  Shoe covers are available for those who are unable to remove shoes for mobility reasons.

Apply your admission to a membership.

Already dreaming of a return visit to the museum? Purchase a membership on your way out and we’ll deduct the cost of that day’s admission from the cost of an Individual or Family Membership.

Small strollers are best.

Making your way through the museum with a large stroller can be tough. We recommend bringing a small umbrella stroller instead. Stroller parking is available in designated hard-to-navigate areas (Little Bridges, North Gallery).

stay connected

Complimentary wifi is available throughout the museum so you can document your day of discovery. Tag us on social media (@wonderhubsk) and use the hashtag #wonderfied for a chance to be featured on our feeds!


Frequently Asked Questions.

When are you open?

We are open Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-4:30pm.  Closed on stat holidays and boxing day.

What are your admission prices?

Admission is $9.50 plus tax for every individual 12 months and up.

What age group is wonderhub for?

Wonderhub is a facility for children of all ages that love to explore discover and create. We’ve found children ages 0-13 are our main audience but we also occasionally offer programs for teens and adults.

Do I need to pre-book my visit?  

We operate on a first come, first served basis.  Pre-booking is only available for specific Wonder 4 All events which have a reduced capacity.  Tickets for these events can be found here 

Do you have a cafeteria or café for us to purchase food during our visit?

We are currently searching for a tenant for our cafe space, in the mean time we have some snack items available in the Grab & Go section of our shop.

Is there a limit to how many people can be in a group?

Wonderhub does not have a limit on group sizes for general admission, provided the group size fits into our capacity limits. All family units must adhere to our 6:1 ratio rule while visiting the museum (for every 6 children in a group, there must be 1 adult). 

Do you offer group pricing?

We do not offer group rates for admission.  For qualifying daycares, educational centres, special needs groups, and other community organizations we do offer group exploration visits.  For more information on exploration visits, click here

Do you sell gift certificates/cards?

Yes!  Wonderhub gift certificates can be purchased at any denomination you would like and do not expire.  Gift certificates can be purchased at our admissions desk during our operating hours (Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-4:30pm), or over the phone and ready for pickup during operating hours.

Are any galleries closed?

All exhibits are currently open

Can I wear my shoes inside?

We are a shoe free facility, and recommend that you bring socks for your visit.  Shoe covers are available for those who are unable to remove shoes for mobility reasons.

How do I purchase tickets to special events and programs?

Tickets for programs and events can be purchased online here. If you are a member, make sure you link your membership to your digital account to get member pricing.

Tickets to programs and events can also be purchased in person at Wonderhub or over the phone during our operating hours Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-4:30pm.

Can I purchase a membership online?

Absolutely!  Memberships can be purchased here.

Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

Yes! Memberships are valid and activated at the time of purchase and cannot have a delayed activation.  As such, if you are purchasing for a future gift, we recommend that you purchase a gift certificate for the amount of the membership and the recipient can purchase and activate the membership on their first visit.

Will I receive a membership card in the mail or email?

No, our memberships are digital and there is no card that members receive.  To use your membership, check in with us at the front desk!

I have a membership, how many people can be on it, and can they change?

Family memberships, both 6 and 12 months, allow for a maximum of 6 people.  All memberships are non-transferable for the duration of your membership.

Do you host birthday parties at Wonderhub?

Absolutely!  Parties can only be booked for Saturdays or Sundays with an option of four different rooms with differing capacities to accommodate your party size.  For more information on pricing, and what is included in the birthday party, and to book, please visit here.

Do you offer school visits?

Wonderhub offers in person and virtual school visits.  For more information, and to book, please click here

Is there stuff for my baby to do at Wonderhub?

Absolutely!  Little Bridges, our gallery inspired by the bridges of Saskatoon, is a sensory play environment that is specifically designed for children ages 0-36 months.  Zoned areas with different age and developmental levels create an immersive experience that encourages sensory exploration and communication.